reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

A few years ago my middle school aged son got into the car and I handed him a book and said, ”Hold this please.” He said, ”Is this a Bible?” I said, ”No, Seven Storey Mountain.” He replied, ”Merton. It’s always Merton with you.” He’s not wrong. This morning I picked up The New Seeds …

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It’s been a long, agonizing, beautiful, fulfilling, challenging, lovely journey. And it’s only just beginning. Lead us Lord, deeper into You. Easter Vigil 2016. My two oldest children and I were received into full-communion in the Catholic Church. Confirmation and First Eucharist.  Jesus, You were worth the wait.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this process of conversion can be gut-wrenchingly difficult. Knowing Jesus more and more brings with it an increased longing for more of Him. It’s Divine Dissatisfaction.  I have found that I am OK through most of the Mass, but get to Communion and I turn into a puddly …

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