reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

I spend about 10 minutes in the mornings looking at the headlines. I probably shouldn’t, because more often than not it’s depressing. The world has gone mad. Where are we all going? And why are we in this hand basket? Our collective health, mental well-being, economy, and energy is overextended. In response, the powers-that-be print …

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Sola Scriptura: Latin for Scripture Alone. It’s the doctrine that the Bible is the final and only authority for Christian faith and practice. It was a battle cry of the Reformation, a backlash against the authority of Church Tradition.  However, if we are going to go SCRIPTURE ALONE then surely the SCRIPTURE would teach this …

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When my husband was in seminary he studied (for some unknown reason) child development. One of the things he learned is that until a child is approximately 16-18 months old he does not know himself apart from his mother.  His mother is not “other” but rather an extension of himself.