reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

Just a few bits from the Tribe’s highlight reel for January.

Went to evening prayers at the Russian Orthodox Church.
Climbed a little mountain under the full moon with these adventurers!
Epiphany blessed the house
Celebrated this birthday
And this one.
Took these beauties to the Bean Boot
Hiked Kearsarge Mountain with this little brother
Adopted this darling into the family. Meet Madame Zeroni!
Watched the inauguration and cried so many heartbroken tears for the world, lit candles, and prayed acts of reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
This young man started guitar lessons with my big brother
Made some herbal magic. No really. I did.
Went to a little rebel March For Life after Hands Around The Capitol was canceled.
Did yoga nearly every day and found my home in my body again.

You know the date of the calendar whether 2020 or 2021 does not matter. How much better to spend time doing interior work of conversion than to wait fo the calendar to deliver us from the present evil. There are mountains to climb, dear friends. There is work to do. There is magic to be made. Let us begin. And as Rilke says, “Resolve to be always beginning—to be a beginner.”

Hello February. What lessons do you have for us?

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