reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

Oh February! The month of love, the beginning of Lent, my birthday, and the dead cold of winter. We survived some stuff. Like some serious emotional stuff. And God was good. And friends were kind. And we laughed and we cried. And we got through, hopefully, a little deeper in His Sacred Heart. Here are some highlights from February.

It was my 42nd birthday. Last year I didn’t even tell anyone it was my birthday. I just hid and grieved my life. This year, after the near death experience of the Fall, I just wanted to celebrate being alive with some people I love.
Seth made a signature cocktail in my honor called “Daja has issues” and I have never felt more validated in my life.
I let my hair down—literally—with precious hilarious friends.
A huge feast that actually didn’t violate my restrictive diet and was still delicious.
We got our throats blessed on the feast of St. Blaise.
Hiked late at night with kids and friends.
Isaac put siding on my old homestead and I wept with joy and hugged my house.
It was Mongolian New Year! Happy year of the cow. Sar Shiniin mend!
Went to northern Maine with my big kids and hung out with Jimmy and laughed our crazy heads off.
Celebrated Valentine’s Day with the Goepels. Seth made the best meal ever.
This beauty was my Valentine’s date. And the little cuties served the meal.
Celebrated Fat Tuesday with this guy, double fisting it. Coffee or mimosa? Both.
Hiked in Acadia. Epic.
And when we got to the summit we made gluten free, vegan, pasta with arugula and garlic tomatoes with avocado toast. So very Lenten and hipstery.
My college boy came home for the weekend and I couldn’t get enough. Love having him home.

May your March be full of blessings as we press on to Spring and Easter. While we do the work of interior conversion with Jesus in the desert may you know all the comfort, peace, and love that He offers you. May you hug those around you really tightly and tell them in insane ways how much you love them. May you have a wild reciprocal affection of those who love in purity.

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