reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

Forgive me while I take a break from my usually pondering of life and love and grief. Because I have some questions…

If you believe so strongly in the vaccination that those without it are in danger of death why would you refuse the life-saving Sacrament of Confession to such a person? Don’t they need it the most?

Unless you don’t believe in the life-saving Sacrament of Confession? Yet you believe in the life-saving vaccination? In which case is your faith in science rather than in God?

How will this be enforced? Will people have to show their IDs and vaccine cards? In which case how does that not violate the anonymity of Confession?

If someone shows up without a vaccine, will they get reported? In which case does this not violate the seal of Confession?

Will showing medical history be a prerequisite for the Sacraments? Because there are other contagions other than the current viral obsession. Should we also be aware of our status on those? And what if you already had the virus, rather than the vaccine? I mean, it would come to the same end, would it not?

If you refuse people Confession you are also refusing them the Eucharist, the source and summit of our Faith and how can that be justified?

If people are not turned away from the Eucharist because of things like divorce and remarriage or publicly endorsing sin, but they are turned away because of lack of vaccination, is not getting vaccinated now one of the seven deadly sins? Which one is it replacing?

And if it is a sin not to receive a vaccination, that person should go to Confession.

Oh wait…

Psssst….one more thing….

If you’re writin’ your own rules for the Sacraments, you’re a Protestant.

One thought on “I’ve got questions…

  1. That’s abhorrent. God save the people who keep His little ones from Him because of this!


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