reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

May was a month full of so many beautiful things. There were crosses and trials and reasonable illusions. And yet, so much beauty.

I got to cater a wedding, which was super fun.
Tegshee got to crown Mother Mary before Divine Liturgy (Video on my Insta)
I embroidered this little sash for the occasion with the Sacred and the Immaculate Hearts.
Of course, Star Wars Day, on which Saraa made light saber snacks for the kids to eat while they binged some Stars Wars movies. May the 4th be with you. (If you don’t reply “And with your spirit” are you even Catholic?)
First Confession. It was so tender and sweet. There was so much grace.
We had to petition the Roman Rite Bishop, but we were so blessed that Tegshee could receive his Chrismation at the Maronite Church. He took the name Michael after his beloved St. Michael. Isaac was his sponsor. The Maronite Tradition is so beautiful and deep. I wanted to absorb all the words of the ritual into my very marrow. “You have been clothes with the living Father, you have received Christ, the Son, you have put on the Holy Spirit, and you have given the robe of glory, which Adam laid aside.”
First Holy Communion
The whole gang, including Catherine and Isaac, who are Tegshee’s Baptism and Chrismation Sponsors
A short hike with the little men and the first trail run with Madame Zeroni.
Hiked Big Moose with my big brother. Weather was perfect, we cooked pork noodle bowls at the summit, and drank local cider. It was awesome. Thanks, Scottie.
Started a garden thanks to this brother. First one in two years. And it feels good to be growing stuff again. Thank you, Isaac.
Fifth Annual Pentecost all night vigil! Prayer, Scripture, Mass, Confession, Compline, coffee, and lots of fire! This year we had 14 brave teenagers who prayed for the world all night long. These are the real MVPs.
A super lovely visit with Julia. You are a delight.
Hiked to Rattlesnake Gorge and Pool. Breathtakingly beautiful.
May 30th was six years since our permanent move to Maine!

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