reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

June….where did it go?

We saw the end of the governor’s state of emergency for the pandemic (Which really changed our lives not at all, because we never changed them in response to the government overreach anyway) and the lifting of the dispensation not to attend Mass (which also did not change our lives at all, because the Maronite Bishop kept the liturgies open so we never missed Mass all year), we celebrated the big 2-0 for my oldest love bug, planted a garden, and I got good medical news. We also went on some beautiful hikes.

Besides the weather being like Satan’s armpit for a good portion of the time June was healing and fun and made me fall in love with my community all over again.

Pickled Fiddleheads, anyone?
Went to see a comedy show with these friends! So nice to do something different and fun after so long with things being closed!
Hiked Mt. Battie and Megunticook with this merry band of adventurers
Having the college boy at home means extra summer schooling!
Cupcakes for the feast of the Sacred Heart! (Lovingly made by in home junior chef, Saraa)
And the next day for the Immaculate Heart of Mary!
Hiked Little Bigelow with my best hiking buddy
Hiked Bald Rock Mountain with this crew!
These boys just kept fishing! Just kept fishing! Just kept fishing!
On the last super moon of the year, with a friend, I hiked a mountain to watch the sun set and the Strawberry Moon rise. We sang the Doxology and toasted that glorious moon with whiskey! Truly one of the best hikes of my short hiking career.
Some nuns in Croatia stitched this lovely nightgown, which I wore as a dress under this little silk boho number. It’s my new favorite thing.
We all did the Apostles’ Fast leading up to the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Vegan for 11 days and fasting totally for 12 hours out of 24. This was a gift of gratitude to Jesus. My blood and stool counts came back completely back to normal, better than they were before I got sick. GOD IS GOOD!!!
She turned 20. We ate ramen and pork buns and took a ride on a motorcycle and walked a little under the stars. Ganchimeg is my joy. I am so proud of the woman she is. Faithful and courageous and beautiful inside and out.
At State Lunch in Augusta
Corpus Christi Parish hosted Totus Tuus. It was a beautiful and hilarious week of catechesis.

Hello July! What beautiful things will unfold?

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