reconciling things

“Allow it all to happen: beauty and terror…” Rilke

Need some reading and listening recommendations that are beautiful and thoughtful? I mean, you probably have your own recommendations, which you should send to me. In case you are interested in what is feeding my mind lately here you go.

For reading:

This book is gorgeous. The imagery is lovely and profound. I underlined and highlighted so many things I may as well have highlighted the whole book.

I used to call myself a Christian feminist, until that label no longer seemed to fit. But, I also couldn’t find myself snuggly in the opposite camp either (you know the type. Do I need to say it? If you follow some podcasts like Restoring the Faith and ever threw up in your mouth a little, you are my people).

This book illuminates the mystery and beauty of womanhood. It speaks to the symbolic meaning of the feminine as displayed in nature, the Church, and the woman…“of womanliness, as a mystery, its religious rank, its archetype, and its ultimate image of God.”

And it is largely the fault of women (and not the patriarchy as some would lead you to believe) that has destroyed, or can we say tainted, this symbolic meaning.

In reality woman had lost her power as symbol while she still believed to be retaining it. A culture that in its last analysis is no longer turned toward God in reverence and with a sense of responsbility has, if viewed according to a deeper insight, also foregone the presence of woman. The woman, however, who recklessly and unconditionally allows herself to become part of such a culture, basically affirms only her own exclusion. Her presence is nothing more than a pretense….

It is not the man but the woman who must save the endangered feminine image; she must rescue it in its three-fold revelation as established by eternal decrees…”

I cried reading this book. It is that good.

For listening:

I am very much enamored with The Symbolic World podcast. The episode called Weaponized Compassion was so good I wanted to pass it around like a Gospel tract. No lie.

I usually just listen to podcasts in my kitchen at work. But it’s also on YouTube if you watch videos of lectures.

Another podcast that keeps me company on my commute is From The Summit, the podcast of Magdalen College. My favorite recent episode was this one with Dr. van Versandaal. It has been an interesting exercise for me to think about contemplation in relation to festivity and celebration, because I often enter into the experience of contemplation with quietness and solitude à la Thomas Merton.

Listen and subscribe to the Podcast here: FROM THE SUMMIT.

And just for fun:

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